Challenges, Strategies and Requirements of Production Boom in the Islamic Republic of Iran

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Mohammad-Jamal Khalilian Ashkezari / Associate Professor of the Department of Economics, the Imam Khomeini Institute for Education and Research                                                                                                   

Received: 2019/08/16 - Accepted: 2019/12/25



Planning for the realization of production boom in the Islamic Republic of Iran needs to consider the factors that affect it. In this paper, I describe the obstacles, strategies and requirements of production boom in the country using analytical-descriptive method. The research findings show that the country's production boom faces five major obstacles, including the dependence of the country's economy on various areas, the performance of the banks in financing, smuggling and massive import, management errors in the country's political economy, and lack of transparency in production. Strategies such as adapting the education system to the needs of production growth and prosperity, basic knowledge and implementation of indigenous versions, controlling money and capital markets, costing unnecessary economic activities, managing the economy based on the principles of a Muqāwamah economy and establishing comprehensive economic information bank can be used. The realization of these strategies requires actions such as strengthening the revolutionary vision and the jihadist management of officials and executives. It is also possible and achievable to adopt strategies aimed at creating a boom in production, given the opportunities available in the country.

Key words: Production boom, Islamic Republic of Iran, Muqāwamah economy.

JEL: D20, N1, O53, P4.

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