The Pattern of People's Participation in the Economy, with Emphasis on Imam Khomeini's Thought

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@Seyed Hossein Hosseini / Ph.D. Student of Economic Science, Imam Sadiq University


Mohammad Soleymani / Assistant Professor of the Faculty of Islamic Studies and Economics, Imam Sadiq University

Received: 2019/07/29 - Accepted: 2019/12/04



One of the foundations of the Muqāwamah economy is to have a people-based economy; therefore it is necessary to provide a specific model of this foundation and its dimensions. By relying on this model, Imam Khomeini was able to flourish the capacity of the people in some social areas and to help them achieve the goals of the Islamic Revolution. It is, therefore, necessary to refer to Imam Khomeini’s thought to understand and design the aforementioned pattern. This article seeks to answer the question of what is the pattern of people's participation in the economy based on Imam Khomeini's thought. To answer this question, his statements in the book “Sahifeyeh Noor” were examined using the "data theorization" method. After analyzing and coding the data from his statements, the model was presented as a visual model with emphasis on axial category, causal, contextual and confounding conditions, strategic areas and consequences. According to this model, for the participation of the people in the economy, while being aware of the enemy's conspiracies, the causal conditions of the people's participation in the economy must be strengthened and the underlying conditions must be provided for the process of people's participation in the economy to be realized.

Key words: Muqāwamah economy, Imam Khomeini, people-baseness, people’s participation.

JEL: A19, D29, P4.

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