The Proof for the Possibility of the Science of Islamic Economics

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Hassan Aqa Nazari / Professor of Economics Department, Hawzeh and University Research Center

@Mohammad Bidar / Ph.D. in the Philosophy of Islamic Economics, the Imam Khomeini Institute for Education and Research                                                                                                            

Received: 2019/08/03 - Accepted: 2019/12/25



The topic of "religious science" has been one of the challenging points in the literature of religious studies in recent decades. Different theories have been put forward by Muslim scholars about its quiddity, its feasibility, its methodology and its realization. “Islamic economics”, as one of the most important examples of human religious science is no exception. Some thinkers have accepted the scientific identity of Islamic economics, while others have sought to deny it. In this paper, we analyze the feasibility of Islamic economics by using an analytical method. According to the research hypothesis, a large number of Islamic economics propositions, in addition to their doctrinal nature, have a scientific identity. These statements constitute the content of Islamic economics. According to the research findings, the feasibility of Islamic economics can be demonstrated by three reasons for the necessity of a positive economics for the realization of Islamic doctrines, the existence of descriptive economics statements in Islamic narrative sources, and the influence of Islamic doctrinal principles and basics on economic behavior.

Key words: Economics, Positive economics, Normative Economics, Islamic economics.

JEL: B49, P4.

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