Budget Deficit and the Collapse of Western Civilization: A New Analysis of Rawls' Theory of Justice

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@ Mohammad Taghi Gilak Hakimebadi / Associate Professor, Department of Economics, University of Mazandaran       Mgilak@umz.ac.ir

Alireza Pourfaraj / Associate Professor, Department of Economics, University of Mazandaran


Mohammad Mobini Sochlmaei / PhD Student in Economics, University of Mazandaran

Received: 2020/02/11 - Accepted: 2020/06/24                                                   sabermo67@yahoo.com



The alarm has sounded for the decline of some Western countries' economies because of the deepening budget deficit in particular, and their political dominance in general. In fact, this is what has been repeatedly suggested by the Supreme Leader as a sign of the decline of Western civilization. This study seeks to show the theoretical foundations of this citation from the perspective of economics and political philosophy. we have discussed Rawls' theory of justice as the most justified and tantamount philosophical foundation for liberal-democratic societies to do this. The Rawls's theory of justice can be considered without exaggeration to revival discussion of political philosophy in the twentieth century; a theory whose most important achievement is the design of a fundamental structure for society. This study first examines Rawls' theory of justice and draws the most justified face of liberal democracy in the form of a just fundamental structure with a library and descriptive method and with an analytical approach. The findings of the study indicate that the phenomenon of budget deficit is a factor that will eventually break the dominance of the liberal democratic system and eventually destroy these societies through the mechanism of capital reduction and hyperinflation.

Key words: the first situation, the screen of ignorance, the fundamental structure, political liberalism.

JEL: H61, P24.

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