Explaining the Problems of Qard Al-Hassana Deposits in the Iranian Banking System

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@ Mohammad Zaman Rostami / Assistant Professor, Faculty of Economics and Management, Qom University mzrostami1962@gmail.com

Mohammad Hadi Rostami / PhD Student in Jurisprudence and Private Law, Shahid Motahari University

Received: 2020/03/16 - Accepted: 2020/07/27                                               h.rostami123@yahoo.com



In the past decades, the institution of Qard Al-Hassan  has moved away from its aims in the banking system of Islamic Republic of Iran. Lack of meeting the goals of depositors, allocation with rent, and incorrect determination of allocation priorities are among the problems that have reduced people's desire for Qard Al-Hassan and have replaced the spirit of sacrifice  with the spirit of profit. The away this institution from the depositors' goals, despite the protection of the law of the goals, was due to an incorrect interpretation of the law. This study proposes the hypothesis of low efficiency in allocation and reverses usury by using the analytical method in response to the question of the functional deviation of the Qard Al-Hassan loans in the banking system of the country. The findings of the study show that the functional deviation of the Qard Al-Hassan loans  in the banking system of the country indicates a deviation in the moral and economic structure of society. The Qard Al-Hassan deposits can be appointed to power of attorney contract based on economic priorities and determine zero real interest rate to prevent problems. 

Key words: Loan, Goodly Loan, Negative Interest Rate, Zero Interest Rate, Rent, Decrease in Purchasing Power.

JEL: E43, E53, E31.

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