Model and Method of Studying the Effect of Social Development on Growth and Realization of Resistance Economy

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@ Majid Kafi / Assistant Professor of the Research Institute and University           

Seyedeh Marzieh Shoaei Hashemi Khomeini / PhD student in Women and Family Studies, University of Religions and Religions                                                                                                                         

Shahla Ganji / Master of Sociology, Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Tehran


Received: 2020/04/16 - Accepted: 2020/08/24



The relationship between social development and resistance economics is a two-way side. It is assumed that social development is the path to a resilient economy in a simplification to better examine this relationship. This study seeks the algorithm, model and method of examining the paths of this effect. Therefore, after reviewing the theoretical literature of the research, the components of the model have been addressed, which by aggregating them, the study model was obtained. The research findings indicate that the obtained model has four input variables such as one output variable, and three hidden layers. There are ten groups in the first hidden layer, six groups in the second hidden layer, and two groups in the third hidden layer. The model is obtained with six inputs. The study method was identified as the artificial neural network method, which has both the ability to simultaneously examine multiple inputs and the ability to predict other possibilities that need to be addressed in other research.

Key words: Social Development, Resistance Economy, Economic Growth, Artificial Neural Network, Indicators of Social Development.

JEL: O15, B49, P4.

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